Dear Fanatics

It has been far far to long since anyone has posted anything. This makes Justin sad... But have no fear, for planning is in the works for a revamp... You now will have upto date news and Justin!

With what we are now calling "Just In, Justin's News", You'll always know what's up in the World of Justin! You'll be able to feed your cravings for justin fanatisism!

Coming Soon!

Peace Out~
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Come see Me!

Because I'm awesome! I'm inviting everyone to come out and see the musical "Anything Goes!". it's gonna be at SCC the lake mary campus. show dates are Oct. 7th, 8th, 13th 14th, 15th at 8:00pm. and oct 9th and 16th at 2:00pm! so come out and see it order tickets now cause they are super gonna sell out! like openning thursday night. I will have the box office number in a later post!
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I think this needs to be said!

Mariel is crazy car naming love!

join or die!

because she is almost as awesome as myself!

Your justin is free tomorrow afternoon is any of you would enjoy his company write him! or if you have his number give him a ring. he is free up till thursday night so if you guys... (and we do mean "guys") have anything planned that takes more then just one night def get back to him. hahaha! much luv peeps!
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(no subject)

my minions! I have seemed to have run astrange! for I need more of my people! a draff of new minions!

I also need a date. I haven't been on one in a while I want one. anyone got any ideas?
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I am a Justin Fanatic because he buys me
peanut butter sandwhich crackers @ the SCC student center
can open stubborn bottles of water when I can't
intoduces me to all the latest Tori Amos info

And of course is one seriously hott gay man
If I'm not a Justin Fanatic I don't know who is
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Assignment #2!

Ok so assignment one went over pretty good! so here is your second one! I want my minions to make a picture of my name. (i.e.: the "justin" made of clothespins on the userinfo page) be creative i might wanna use it!
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Assignment #1 is over because it is the end of the weekend! and who you won you all ask? The winner was.......... EVERYONE! Because when you hang out and have fun with justin everyone wins!. The people the enjoyed my company this weekend! Ashli, Mark, Heather, Mike, Kevin, and everyone else at work! It was a good weekend! we should do it again next weekend!
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(no subject)

If only Justin wasn't gay... Then I would be humping him. OH WAIT! I HUMP HIM ANYWAY!!!! Muhahahaha. I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BECAUSE YOU ARE THE MOST AMAZING BOY EVER!


....That's kind of gross if you think about it since we are "brother and sister". Ewww.
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